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great simple app but should be free or 99 cents

I think its a great app but 99 cents is a fine price for something like this, later add in purchases to see more things besides the planets and hours, the web site is free and it shows reverse PLANETS then their hours., which i=makes more sense. over all it was buggy at first but once set up its a great app to have if your busy checking plaents by hour

Amazing App!

The most complete app of its kind. Im so happy I found this to check the planets timing anywhere I am. Easy to use and each planet has its meaning as well, hour is shown, date, coordinates. I def recommend it!

Pretty good except 1 thing

Very useful as a quick reference and worth the price even for my singular complaint. My only dislike is how each day does just go from 12am-12pm. Because of this if you happen to be looking at the planetary hour at say 1:30am it is listed on the correct day but it is at the end of that day and when 5:30am or so roles around, it will flip back to the beginning of that day. Perhaps this is just a bug but it would make a lot more sense to just have it go from 12-12.

thank you..

this was an application, I wanted to implement since I heard about ebced & cifir; ancient knowledge, from Murat Bardakçı; later deducted that: 7 x 24 = 6 x 28 : perf x perf I would have done the UI a bit different, yours look more space-young time travel :) may I request the sourcecode, for the sake of Open sourcecode movement, and build on your software to present an alternatife UI with shared credit? Burçkaan Gürgün

New version is terrible

If I know that will be an evolution like that I would never update it. Its not focusing current planet hour. Explanations are so complicated. Visually old version was much more simple efficient and better. Never load new version if you wont be sad.


If know this ı woulnt update this.old version was soo good. Now so complicaded

please re update

i love this app. Thank u for this update. But not focused current time. Please reupdate. i will wait your new version.

era meglio la vecchia app / old app was better

la nuova non memorizza i luoghi, ogni volta che la apri ti ritrovi in new york city! molto meglio il precedente sfondo a strisce bianche/azzurre. se lasci aperta lapp levidenziazione dellora corrente non si aggiorna. new app doesnt memorize places, everytime you open it you find yourself in new york city! old blue/white background was much better. if you let app on, it doesnt refresh current hour.

Good update

Very useful, and easy to use.

Practical and Straight Forward

Thank you so much for the Update! Your app has saved me hours of my own tinkering with paper and spreadsheets. The additional notes youve added help clarify the influences of the moment! Again, Thank you for your efforts!

Thank You!!!

Im so glad this app actually works! I purchased a similar app and it did absolutely NOTHING! This is information I can and do use.I actually know how to calculate it by hand but its time consuming.This will be of great help to me

Impressive update!

I use this app all the time and am stoked with this new update. The added information about each planetary hour is extremely useful, but the app is still simple and easy. Thanks!

Simple and invaluable for magic

Planetary hours are extremely important to magic and notoriously difficult to calculate on the fly. Perfect app for a phone. The redesign is solid and robust, *however* I do miss the auto date and time function in this new version. Please consider reinstating that in future versions!

*UPDATE*Good update, needs improvement

*UPDATE BELOW* Older version: I have been using this app for sometime, but for Traditional Astrology the Planetary Day rulership starts over at sunset. So on Monday the moon rules the rising hour and the setting hour. This is a staple of all Traditional methods, perhaps an option can be added. New version: Here is an explanation of the proper calculation desired by Traditional Astrologers (via Renaissance Astrology); "get your local sunrise and sunset times from the newspaper or the US Naval Observatory. Take the time from sunrise to sunset and divide by twelve to get the length of each planetary hour for the day. Take the time from sunset to sunrise the next day and divide that by twelve for the length of each planetary hour by night. Then starting with the planet that rules the day, e.g. Saturn for Saturday, follow the Chaldean order and assign the proper planet to each planetary hour of the day and night that you have just calculated."

The app doesnt work

The app it doesnt open when I log in to it it cut out. Today 09/15/2016. I hope you fix it as soon.

Great app

THis is a wonderful app and it delivers just what it says it will. The only thing I might add would be a little info as to what the data means i.e. Mars ruling=good time to be strong in a confrontation, etc.I love this app. Thank you, Alexander.

Very Good...

This app allows you to key in your exact longitude and latitude, and gives the precise planetary hours. Only 2 minor drawbacks... It doesnt adjust for Daylight Savings Time, and it doesnt distinguish between Daytime and Nighttime hours. Wish it could do that! Even so, it beats the heck out of doing the math on paper! Since my first review in 2009, this app has improved wonderfully. Its simple and straightforward, easy to use. It opens to the current date and it highlights the current hour, specifying the precise minutes of that hour. You can set it for your current location without needing to know your exact latitude and longitude. And you can look up ANY date just by touching the date button at the top. The developer of this app was friendly, courteous & helpful, when I had diificulty because I was using an older iPhone OS..., and within a week he pinpointed the problem, created a patch, submitted it to Apple, so my app is now working beautifully. I still think it would be nice if the GUI made a colorful distinction between the daytime and nighttime hours. However, all things considered, this app STILL beats having to do the math! Thanks for that!


very interesting if your curious about astrology, does what it says and very user friendly. maybe you should update the pictures because now it is in am/pm format instead of military time. oh be sure to remember to input/ or press "current" so it knows your location!

This is enormously helpful,

We use this to quickly check under what influence we are beginning a new endeavor. This a very old practice, and can relate to angelic influence as well as planetary. This app worked well but only worked on my iPhone. It did not work at all on my iPad.

Elegant and useful

This app is very easy to use, and works quickly and accurately. It works just fine on older IPhone OS, and Im very happy to have it to time the work I do. When I had questions, the developer was helpful and answered quickly.

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